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December 18, 2010
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The Funeral by pirate-pet The Funeral by pirate-pet
Anywho... yeah, I never draw Anthro, but I really like Neo's new plot (shutupiamnotachild) ='D And ever since it started back in October, I have been SERIOUSLY WANTING to draw pink and purple skies/backgrounds. Like SERIOUSLY :iconsrstoothlessplz:

So this is Brynn, who is looking back on a stoned Hanso, and yeah C: I kind of hope Hanso comes back- just as long as it's epic. Well, either way it had better have an EPIC ending. I am so devoted to this plot it's craaazzzyyyyy :iconwheeeplz:


Brynn (c) Neopettttsssssss
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my good golly gosh. how long has it been since I commented on your art?!
WAY TOO LONG D: I blame school! But now IT'S WINTER BREAK 8DD expect comment dumps on your recent pictures >8B

Anyway, this picture is BRILLIANT! In so many ways... Let's go ahead and start from the beginning shall we? c:<

I have always loved your ever-changing style (: You can literally draw/paint anything and it turns out incredibly. and this is no exception 8D
The combination of the perspective, the pose and expression of the character--suggesting they've seen something either frightening or surprising...and the whole point of a picture is to tell a story using images instead of words (dur), so in just two things you've succeeded one of the biggest parts (and hence I WANT TO KNOW MORE URG *runs off to neopets*)--also the direction of the lighting, and just the lighting in general is gorgeous. It feels heavenly but at the same time, kind of eerie. And mystical. As neopets should be. hahah *used to be a neopet-nerd* :B The reflection of the light off everything has a great texture. The way the tail is shaded and highlighted makes it, indeed, look like a tail. And the tunic(?) has an interesting texture to it that fits well. The fabric looks lovely and GAH even though there aren't many folds, it looks dimensional! I find that really hard to do D: ALSO. the shading in the arms defines them.....not like super buff...but shows your knowledge of anatomy! Where the muscles are as well as the distance from the light source. my my I'm super impressed with your improvement!

OK.. even though I haven't been to neopets in years, I do remember how interestingly awesome the characters were. And I think you captured it really well. including taking the style and making it your own!
MY GOD. I am seriously in love with the face, for example. haha c: no but seriously. Those eyes are GORGEOUS!! And the lips and the nose and AGH, everything about the facial structure is great. And then how you shaded it is even more incredible. The shade of blue you used is very effective 8D and the values are greeeaattt! even with such an odd face--rounded and cartoonesque--you managed to make it look realistic. Which takes EPIC SKILLLZ YO :iconsrstoothlessplz: (<--ps new favorite icon right therr)

So the only things I have critique-wise are the hair and a few detaily parts. I feel like the entire picture was shaded in a hue of saturated blue--including the background--except for the hair. In shading it in a more vibrant brown, it stands out in an odd way.. it looks like it was just randomly pasted on there like a lone layer. use the same hues that you used on the tail for the hair! I feel like that would help it feel more unified. Also, the few dodged (I think they're dodged...or you just used a bright yellow) stand out unusually because they're sharp lines...actually I'm looking at them closer and it seems like you used a "scatter" brush at small size. This is a good effect, but since it's the only place you used it (everything else in the picture used the hard round airbrush/low opacity hard round it seems like a softer cell shading style). Try to keep the same style--shading and coloring--throughout the whole picture. But that's the only place I saw it.. so it's just a very minor problem.
Oh and last SUPERDUPER minor thing--you should change your signature color. XDDD that sounds awfully sad, but the saturated violet color clashes with the less saturated orange/blues/whites. Maybe a less saturated violet would help. but that's epically minor and I'm guessing you have your reasons for why it's purple XDDD ANYWAYY moving on.......

speaking of standing out, the character is very good at doing this! :D the way you blurred the background a tiny bit helps the character "pop" but at the same time, keeps me in awe at the details you put back there. The colors you used are equally vibrant and beautiful as the character, and are unified too in a color scheme that's pleasing to the eye c: It slowly changes from a lovely dawn pink to a sunset purple. And even with the rather little detail, you were able to convey a texture and depth... and just plain awesomeness :B (and one last thing about the background--I LOVE that opening in the sky where the sun is coming out. Great addition to the picture c: )

Overall, this is an INCREDIBLE picture AHHH I've been staring at it the last...10-15 minutes in writing this critique and I'm still finding things that amaze me about it. Those little shining floaties are another mystifying addition, and the reflections in the sword are great (:
alright I need to finish because it's bedtime for me, BUT I LOVE THIS VERY MUCH. great great work 8) I look forward to your progress in the near future >8D *stalk stalk stalk*

*mega favs*

PS you make me want to look back at neopets again to know more about what's going on D: *interest*

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Great work, I'm a big fan of digital art that looks like traditional art. The composition and colours are flawless. I'm going nuts over the colours and the brush strokes you used for her tail. I was quite surprised to read this was inspired by Neopets (hahaaa I used to play when I was... younger), I love how you've given this character your own twist.

There's only one thing that bothers me in this image... I really, really dislike the solar flare. It totally ruins the acrylics-on-canvas illusion, and in my opinion it does not add anything at all to the painting. The light is already superb (the highlights on her hair and back, and the little sparkles near her tail), it does not need such a cheap Photoshop trick.
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ParodyHam Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
You're very talented! :o
pirate-pet Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aww thank you! : D
WesternCrow Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
i love brynn and hanso:)
pirate-pet Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Me too CX
Atamask Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Oh my. For anthro, this quite detailed! It looks super pro. The colors look fabulous of course. :)
pirate-pet Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
BAWWW thank you so much ;U; Although, I'm pretty sure any work of art could be pretty detailed XD (Unless it was minimalist or something lol)
DanielHooker Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011  Professional
Very cool. Diggin youre grasp of light and shadow. My only concern is that the top half feels a lot more refined than the bottom half. Thats not necessarily bad, so long as it was intentional for effect.
pirate-pet Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011  Student Digital Artist
What do you mean by 'refined'? Detailed, sharp...? Because I did intentionally blur the background and bottom portion to draw attention to her face C; But there wasn't much to 'detail' in the bottom half, anyway- I wouldn't want to pour detail into the bottom half od her shirt, for example, if I hadn't for the top XD

I'm not sure though *shrugs* :C
DanielHooker Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011  Professional
Yeah the bottom portion oh her body, mainly her tail and butt feel a little more blurred, the edges are softer. I assumed that the tale was like that to give it that soft fluffy feel. But I was more so referring to the edges than the level of detail. : )

I think it looks good and I wasnt suggesting you change it. I was just curious if it was done that way intentionally for affect, or just more of a happy accident. :D
pirate-pet Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Oh, yes then that was intentional XD
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